Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Netherlands receives a wide range of guests. From specialised technicians to business relations. DST helped Schneider Electric unlock its corporate story for its headquarters in Hoofddorp, with amongst other things a mini expo in its main entrance hall and a B2B space about solutions the company offers to its customers.

Schneider Electric believes in reliable, safe and above all sustainable energy, for everybody. In the main hall visitors discover Schneider Electric’s drive to renew the global energy transition and automation markets. From low-tech reading light up to whole smart office buildings, this expo is full of showcases, stories and short movies.

On its first floor Schneider Electric takes corporate relations through its capabilities, such as EcoStruxures, which offers solutions in software, hardware and smart applications. The existing tour of the award-winning sustainable building itself was further added to with examples of Schneider Electric’s translation of EcoStruxure into underlaying equipment. Schneider Electric can be visited by appointment only.

Design Thinking Center Eindhoven

The first Design Thinking Center opened its doors in a former Amsterdam chewing gum factory, in 2016. DST greatly contributed to its realisation. Over 15,000 visitors attended its programme in over 600 sessions in three years’ time. A major success, prompting Nextview to open another Design Thinking Center on High Tech Campus Eindhoven in 2018. DST was responsible for the concept, design and build management.


Let us refresh your memory. Design Thinking is a way of thinking in which the end user of a service, product or process takes centre stage. It’s no wonder the Design Thinking Center Eindhoven puts its visitors centre stage, too. Visitors have to immerse themselves in the real problem of a client, in his latent desires. This will generate better products that really answer a need and comply to what people really want.

High Tech Campus

It is fitting the Design Thinking Center is located on the High Tech Campus. The place where Philips has been carrying out fundamental and applied science for over half a century. And which was opened up to other organisations around fifteen years ago. From single-minded start-up to capable multinationals, all share their drive to innovate. To make new technological solutions a reality. By co-operating, with their end-users in mind. It’s no wonder this single square kilometre of Eindhoven is responsible for no less than 40% of Dutch patent applications.

Get to work

The bright former factory halls invite visitors to take an open approach to problems on the agenda for today. In a communal welcome on the grand stand they are told about the space and the programme for the day. The center offers custom work space that allow full focus on the subject of the day. This is achieved through using flexible and mobile walls, an inspiring and somewhat unusual lay-out, in-depth stories on the history of the location and downright functional rooms with themes to match their visitors’ approach. Themes like sustainability, high-tech, social-responsibility and commercial viability, for instance.

Tata Steel Innovation Centre

Tata Steel Europe is a worldwide leading manufacturer of advanced and (ultra)high-strength steels for the automotive, packaging, construction and engineering industries. A high quality Dutch company with a rich history and future in innovation. It is no wonder King Willem-Alexander himself visited the brand-new Tata Steel Innovation Centre in September 2018, as part of the centennial celebrations of the IJmuiden site. DST was responsible for concept, content and design of the centre, in partnership with Bruns (realisation).

Centre stage for visitors

The choice to radically change the way business relations are received, stemmed from a strategic course change with Tata Steel IJmuiden. The company changed from a traditional product-pushing manufacturer to a customer focused on-demand developing and production business. Particularly in customer reception and market development, its Tata Steel Innovation Centre is a major step forward.

Efficient and thorough

The Innovation Centre offers business relations a professional reception that uses AV, projection mapping and an interactive wall to create context for each visit. Its reception area has been developed to aid Tata Steel hosts to efficiently and thoroughly explore exactly what challenges and needs his or her visitors face.

Conversation pieces

The information gained in the reception area is input for in-depth conversation in the nearby conference rooms, where confidentiality and conversation support are key. A tour of the nearby high-tech automotive and packaging labs is also possible. For this tour DST improved signage and banners, offering hosts an extra way to focus on subjects that appeal to specific visitors.

Upgrade of guided tours

Apart from the Innovation Centre Tata Steel also asked DST to restructure its guided IJmuiden site tours, mostly for schools and students. The new tour guide scripts better facilitate dialogue and are supported with 360-degree VR-movies on tablets inside tour vehicles. These allow visitors to see what takes place inside plants, without leaving their tour vehicle. This is particularly important for time constraint reasons and safety rules.


The Tata Steel Innovation Centre and guided tours are available by invitation only.