G4S Innovation Centre

Experience cash processes

G4S Nederland had a world’s first with its own experience centre on cash management. In this G4S Innovation Centre in Utrecht, businesses experience first-hand how they can efficiently and safely set up their cash and electronic money flows. DST developed this B-to-B experience together with G4S.

‘Sales is ideally about clients experiencing your knowledge’

Why, how, what

The centre is divided into why, how and what areas. Visitors first undergo a mindset show about the ‘why’ of G4S. They then get into a workshop to work on the ‘how’ question: how to organise their cash process more efficiently – with the expertise of G4S. The experience ends in the ‘what’ area, where the equipment is first shown. A conscious routing: not the G4S products are central themes, but the conversation about topics that keep clients awake at night and how things could be improved. ‘Sales is ideally about clients experiencing your knowledge’, as G4S puts it today.

Insight selling

In the centre, insight selling takes centre stage. Cash processes are complex. Solutions do not always come across in a sales talk, a PowerPoint presentation or a website. In the G4S Innovation Centre, clients experience the expertise of G4S and the tailor-made solutions offered by G4S. This creates optimal interaction and openness between G4S and its clients or prospective clients. G4S and its clients come to new insights through experience. Paul van der Knaap, managing director of G4S Cash Solutions: ‘Our Experience Centre is a catalyst for sales, marketing and communications’.



De Zaanse Schans cheese farm

De Zaanse Schans is a must-see for its two million plus national and international visitors. This is where visitors discover what makes the Netherlands so quintessentially Dutch. Cheese plays a prominent role in these stories. For Henri Willig’s cheese farm De Catharinahoeve DST concepted, designed and realised a high-capacity permanent exhibition on cheesemaking. A high-volume visitor flow and multi-linguistic approach were vital to this project.

To help visitors understand what cheese actually is, and how it’s made, we converted the monumental barn De Haal to a pre-visit experience. This is where visitors discover all about cheese in their own time, using film, imagery, text and exhibitry. Afterwards visitors enter a tasting room where they sample the taste of cheese, guided by cheese connoisseurs.

Henri Willig Cheese

Henri Willig produces tasty organic cheese. Visitors learn how that’s done in his cheese farms, among the animals and cheesemakers. These attract busloads of visitors. To help Henri Willig’s stories get the airtime they deserve, we developed a guided tour in Katwoude. This is all about grass, cows and cheese.

In the Fall of 2017 Henri Willig opened his new stables for his herd of Jersey cows, at his organic farm in Katwoude. Our self-guided tour is part of this state-of-the-art farm complex, which promotes animal welfare in all its aspects. It allows visitors – young and old – to discover the special bond Henri Willig has with his animals and his cheese. We managed concept, design and realisation in a record time before the official opening.