Province of Antwerp

Europe boring? Hardly. That is, if you keep close to your audience’s needs and wants. And that’s exactly what the Province of Antwerp wanted to achieve with its campaign Pop-up Europa, part of educational programme Europa Direct. A year full of activities, stories, events, and lectures on Europe in Antwerp. DST designed and built the pop-up exhibition of the campaign, that toured schools, libraries, and shopping malls.

From boring and abstract to recognisable and concrete

The European Union is a broad and abstract theme, that for most people is far removed from their daily lives. Even though many of the projects it funds are regionally orientated and close to home. That is why we translated Pop-Up Europa’s subjects to recognisable situations. Like a table full of breakfast ingredients, explaining what role the EU plays in them. And an interactive exhibit with opinions on current European affairs, based on differential learning. The way the exposition was set up, matched the goals of the Province of Antwerp when it came to improving the profile of regional EU-projects, and involving the citizens of Antwerp in the EU.

Prizewinning concept

Pop-up Europa was highly appreciated. With visitors, due to its accessible nature, and professionals alike. With a reach of 40,000 people in the greater Antwerp region, the project won the EU Public Communication Award 2017.


Shimano needs sports fans to experience its brand during major international events, in a way that contributes to its brand exposure, brand value and consumer product development. In close cooperation with bike specialists, DST developed a highly practical promotional trailer that Shimano used as its base during multi-day events.

Look and feel

An HGV with extendable trailer roof formed the heart of the road show. This made it easy to transport to the next event. Its ground floor housed the reception area for guests. The first floor featured a high-tech expo of the latest innovation in bike parts. With easy access to look, feel and touch products, visitors experienced the lightness and strength of Shimano’s new product range themselves. For professional event participants Shimano brought its techsupport department, to help service their bikes.

Major exposure

Shimano visited 30 events, both national and international, with its truck. This gave Shimano major brand exposure, and a stage to test product ideas and designs with end users on an informal basis. The road show was an excellent low-threshold way to improve on customer loyalty and further develop products based on customer needs.

Inland Revenue Service


Internal campaign

Horizontal monitoring within SMEs: a new form of monitoring by the Inland Revenue Service. However, this requires a different attitude of all parties involved. Starting with civil servants themselves. As a result the HorizonTour was launched; an internal communications programme that provides a change in attitude and behaviour of tax officials.


Conference room turns into experience environment

Decreasing resistance

In this travelling experience workshop, civil servants learn all facets of horizontal supervision in three hours. With videos, quizzes, personal talks and case studies, and with plenty of room for questions and discussions. The sustainable cardboard decor turns any tax office conference room into a true experience environment. In this way, resistance to change decreases and there will be more space for the acceptance of horizontal monitoring. The HorizonTour reached 8,000 Inland Revenue Service employees in nine months.

From audits to trust

In horizontal monitoring fiscal service providers and entrepreneurs are working together on a correctly filed tax return. That eliminates the need for many audits. From audit and negotiation to working together and mutual trust. Moreover, returns can be processed immediately and the entrepreneur will soon be advised on his tax assessment. In short, a quality improvement in the tax return process.