Railroad Museum

Temporary themed exposition for the whole family

Over a century ago the first electric trains appeared on the Dutch railway network. Reason for the Railroad Museum to celebrate an electric centennial with a temporary themed exposition for the whole family. DST was approached to develop and realise a children’s exhibit that had to entertain, educate and excite.



Children’s exhibit and Voltman

Together with children and museum staff, DST developed a storyline that allowed young visitors to explore the exhibition and realised the children’s exhibit at the heart of it. The story revolved around Voltman, the character running the trains’ power plant. When the powerplant goes offline, the trains are in danger of running out of ‘steam’. Voltman then needed the children to help him find a special code in the exhibition to get the power plant online again.

Using short movies, puzzles, text and hands-on exhibits the children learned how electric train work, and what it takes to make them run on time. And of course there was a small present after successfully helping out Voltman. The museum attracted 100,000 visitors in the time the special exhibition ran. Especially in bank holidays Voltman played a major role as a family host to the exhibition.

150 years of Heineken

Heineken’s Amsterdam

Together with the Amsterdam City Archive DST developed the exhibition Heineken’s Amsterdam, which was one of the big crowd pleasers with which the famous brewer celebrated its 150-year anniversary. The company’s contribution led to a comprehensive exhibition that allowed visitors to explore the rich history of Heineken and her founder.

Heineken stadsarchief amsterdam tentoonstelling 150

Gerard Adriaan Heineken

Ever since Gerard Adriaan Heineken took over local brewery De Hooiberg (The Haystack) in 1864 the history of the famous brewer family and the city of Amsterdam have been woven together. The exhibition told the success story of what is likely the world most famous brewery and the role it played in developing the city of Amsterdam. Local landmarks such as the Paleis voor de Volksvlijt (People’s Palace), the lush Vondelpark, North Sea Channel and the major 19th century city expansion projects are all connected to Gerard Adriaan Heineken.


Heineken & DST

Heineken and DST go way back. In 2001 DST developed the Heineken Experience in the old Amsterdam brewery. For the City Archive exhibition DST signed for concept, design and production. Heineken’s Amsterdam was opened in February 2014 by Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken (great granddaughter of Gerard Adriaan Heineken) and deputy mayor Carolien Gehrels.


Cube Design Museum

Design Labs

On 23 October 2015, the Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade opened as part of the Museumplein Limburg. Next to the design museum are the Columbus Earth Theatre (an inverted planetarium with 360 degrees projection) and the renovated Continium Discovery Center. Under the name C-City, these developments should attract a combined 200,000 visitors annually.

What is design?

DST designed the Cube Design Labs for the Cube Design Museum. On the first floor, we developed a mindset exhibition (‘What is design?’). On the upper floors, visitors are taken through the design process using the themes of Ask, Imagine and Create. In the labs work design students-in-residence talk with visitors to bring about co-creation.

Design is a process


When mentioning the word ‘design’, most people think of design products. But in the Cube Design Labs is it all about the design process. ‘Design is a process’, is the summary of our vision.

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