We all need energy, but the way we produce, transport and use energy is constantly changing. With educational programme Energy City primary school children discover exactly what is changing, and how. DST produced Energy City for Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN).

Online and hands-on

Energy City comprises of an online presentation and an interactive quiz for the whole class. After these, children are asked to play their roles in a practical group roleplay. This allows them to use current affairs to make fictional city Energy City more sustainable for the future.

About insight

Energy City aims to provide pupils with insight in complex issues within the energy sector, particularly in transitioning to sustainable and renewable energy sources. There’s no such thing as a single solution. Energy demand has its challenges, and energy supply has its pros and cons. Roleplay teaches children that a sustainable society is only attainable when everybody contributes.

For and with schools

Energy City was developed together with teachers and students. Educational materials can be ordered free of charge, or downloaded. The official launch of the programme was at the Generation Discover festival in The Hague, in the Fall of 2018. DST together with Beewan organised this official kick-off.

Perpetual Plastic Project

Major themes such as the circular economy, sustainability and technical innovation play an increasing role in the Dutch educational system. They are however quite abstract for many students. Both teachers and students require relevant and imaginative, interactive and concrete educational materials. The Perpetual Plastic Project fulfils that need, and raises awareness of plastic waste among consumers and students.

Perpetual Plastic has been touring Europe for years with its homemade eye-catching recycling machines. These 3D-printers recycle plastic waste on the spot, such as drinks cups, and repurpose it as e.g. hipster jewellery. In this way visitors learn how to take a different approach to plastic waste and get acquainted with new 3D-printing techniques.

Schools are an important target group for Perpetual Plastic. Together with Perpetual Plastic, Better Future Factory and CityLab010 DST developed an interactive educational programme that raises awareness of plastic waste issues among Rotterdam school children. Using the Perpetual Plastic recycling machines and tailor-made classes, primary school students experience the recycling process themselves in their classrooms. The programme for groups 7 and 8 is a local Rotterdam pilot that forms the basis for a later nationwide programme.

Pop-Up Aids Expo

Are we going to see the end of the current Aids pandemic in our time? And what does it take to get there? The Pop-Up Aids Expo unlocks impressive personal stories of patients from both the Netherlands and around the world. Food for thought and introspection.

Together with partner Beewan DST concepted, designed and realised this travelling exhibition for the Dutch Aids Foundation. It travelled the country to raise awareness on hiv and Aids among young visitors (age 16 to 30).

As a kick-off, king Willem-Alexander and queen Máxima officially opened the Pop-Up Aids Expo during the May 2018 Amsterdam Red Ribbon Concert. The event was extensively covered by national news media. The expo also generated broad social media free publicity because of its easily shared photo opportunity for visitors, using a Magic Mirror.