Province of Antwerp

Europe boring? Hardly. That is, if you keep close to your audience’s needs and wants. And that’s exactly what the Province of Antwerp wanted to achieve with its campaign Pop-up Europa, part of educational programme Europa Direct. A year full of activities, stories, events, and lectures on Europe in Antwerp. DST designed and built the pop-up exhibition of the campaign, that toured schools, libraries, and shopping malls.

From boring and abstract to recognisable and concrete

The European Union is a broad and abstract theme, that for most people is far removed from their daily lives. Even though many of the projects it funds are regionally orientated and close to home. That is why we translated Pop-Up Europa’s subjects to recognisable situations. Like a table full of breakfast ingredients, explaining what role the EU plays in them. And an interactive exhibit with opinions on current European affairs, based on differential learning. The way the exposition was set up, matched the goals of the Province of Antwerp when it came to improving the profile of regional EU-projects, and involving the citizens of Antwerp in the EU.

Prizewinning concept

Pop-up Europa was highly appreciated. With visitors, due to its accessible nature, and professionals alike. With a reach of 40,000 people in the greater Antwerp region, the project won the EU Public Communication Award 2017.


Water Safety teaching package

For elementary school students, safety when playing in, on and around water is literally of vital importance. KNRM (Search and Rescue Lifeboats Society) and Reddingsbrigade Nederland (Lifeguard Rescue Team) aim to teach children on how they can improve on their own safety (and that of others). For that purpose, DST developed a versatile teaching package for grades 7 and 8 in collaboration with primary school teachers.

Reflects the knowledge, attitude and behaviour.

Thinking about what you know and do yourself

In Water Safety, the students’ own knowledge, attitude and behaviour play a decisive role. With (online) games, testimonials from rescuers and victims, picture puzzles, a student booklet and video clips, students are encouraged to think about what they know themselves, how they behave and what they do. The teacher gets a clear manual with lesson plans, leads and background information, in which the embedded material is also established in the curriculum. Through the main website, Water Safety is also accessible for the digital whiteboard.

Also guest lectures

KNRM and Reddingsbrigade Nederland included the teaching materials in their educational programme, which also provides for guest lectures by volunteers and excursions. On request, the teaching materials are available free of charge for primary school teachers, so that each school will be able to spend time on this important subject.

Monkey House in the Apenheul

Primate park Apenheul had been looking for a new destination for an empty building for some time. DST was commissioned to draw up a plan.

Learning about monkeys by acting like monkeys.

We transformed the building (and the surrounding area) to the Monkey House. A place with a jungle gym where children of all ages can clamber and climb like monkeys. And where they can learn about monkey behaviour at the same time: how the animals eat, sleep, and chill. The kids identify themselves with the monkeys of Apenheul in a playful manner, and they learn a lot by doing so.

Without effort, children learn much about monkey behaviour.


Since the spring of 2015

The Monkey House opened to the public in the spring of 2015. In an in-house survey conducted by Apenheul, visitors gave the Monkey House an average rating of 7.9 out of 10.